Specialising in an array of Timeless Classic & On-Trend Contemporary designs, Allan Bros Jewellers Ballarat has something to suit everyone's style and price range.

As Distinct As The Landscape

Dreamtime Diamonds are earthed carefully from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the East Kimberly region of Western Australia. They are all tracked from the ground they come from, so you know absolutely that they are natural and untreated Australian stones.

These stones are truly one-of-a-kind as each differs in an array of visually striking palate of colours, which represents the warm colours and rich mythology of the Australian land.

The initiative behind Dreamtime Jewellery is that it is versatile, affordable and on-trend. The styling is simple, but also elegant and interesting. The designs truly emulate the essence of the Australian outback culture.

Knowing you have something from Australia that has been in creation for millions of years and specifically from the Kimberley region, makes owning one of these pieces really quite special.

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